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Reog Ponorogo, a Never Ending Dance of Proud and Happynes

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The legend of Reog Dance form when Prabu Kelono Sewandono begin to attract the sympathy of the people to reclaim his kingdom.

Actually he is Airlangga, the Crown Prince of Medang Kingdom, who were fleeing to Ponorogo (wengker) after being attacked by Srivijaya kingdom. In exile, he was accompanied by Narotama which is described as a Bujang Ganong

Nowaday, the show of Reog brought the happines and togetherness. Keep in the people unity in diversity.

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The Reog show consists of 3 main episodes. First, The jatil dance.

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Second, Bujang Ganong dance and attraction.

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And the final stage, the battle of two dadap named Singo Barong. Singo Barong or Dadap is a lion‘s head mask with peacock feathers, weighing up 60kilogram and 4-5 meters high. played with the teeth!!

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in the ponorogo city, reog performances are held every night of the full moon, at main stage of the town square.

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